National Delurking Day…what?

Ok, so apparently we missed it. Yesterday was dubbed National Delurking Day here in the blog world. What is Delurking Day you ask? I had no clue either, so no worries…

Do you ever read this blog or other blogs and never ever leave comments? I’ll admit, I do that often! Well, Delurking Day is the day that lurkers reveal themselves and are you ready…COMMENT! Let bloggers know that you read what they write, what you like (or dislike) about their blog, and what you’d like to hear more about. It’s not a competition to see who gets the most comments, it’s just to help bloggers get to know their readers.

So, having said all of that…we are proclaiming our own Delurking Week. Starting today, let us hear from you! If you read our blog & never or rarely comment, pretty please leave us a comment! We’d love to hear more about you, why you read, etc. Ryan & I really enjoy blogging and are interested in who takes the time to read all of our jibber jabber!

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