Recent Faves: Part 3

1. Stacy’s Pita Chips: OMG. I could easily devour a whole bag of these all by myself. So good with hot sauce, hummus, or by themselves. Mmm mmm.

2. Saucony Grid Cohesions: $40 running shoes that seriously rock. And the fact that they are $40 makes them rock even harder. I ran our last few half marathons in these bad boys & just bought another pair at Academy.

3. St. Ives Fresh Skin Cleanser. I bought this recently because I was bound and determined to find a cheaper option than my normal $18 Origins cleanser. This was $3 at Drug Emporium and I have always liked their scrubs, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Surprisingly, I love it! It works well, smells nice & makes my skin feel soft. Plus, it’s $3!

4. Karen Kingsbury’s Firstborn Series: I’m on #3 out of 5 and absolutely loving reading these books! They are Christian fiction. Page-turners & very inspirational! I look forward to reading all of her other books when I finish this series.

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5 Replies to “Recent Faves: Part 3”

  1. For another scrub alternative, try lemon juice (even the bottled kind) on a cotton pad and then add some organic sugar on top of that – scrub and rinse. Not only will your skin feel amazing but if you happen to get some in your mouth…oh well!

  2. You should join! I love love love it. It’s a place to keep track of what you have read, read others reviews, find new books, etc…I’ve found so many other books to read than I would have otherwise. Love you!

  3. I love Stacy’s pita chips too!! Actually about 3 years ago my mom found them online and the “Stacy” was offering a free trial to other Stacy’s and if you like them it had a form to fill out for local stores to stock them. It has been cool to see them become so popular. =)

  4. Ok, so did you read the Redemption series first before you dug into the Firstborn series? And did you read the Sunrise series when you finished the Firstborn books? Gotta read ’em all!!!

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