3 Day Fruit & Veggie Diet: Day 3

Wahooooo, we made it through 3 days! Tomorrow, ¬†although I’d love to scarf a pizza and have a hamburger, we will gradually ease back into eating carbs & protein. All in all, I would say it was a success. We feel healthier, lost a few pounds, and have determined to incorporate many more fruits & veggies on a daily basis, replacing some of the starches we normally fall back on.

But 3 days is definitely long enough for me!

Day #3

Breakfast: 1 sliced orange and banana, & coffee

Lunch: Sauteed garlic spinach and carrots, & water

Dinner: Roasted green beans with cherry tomatoes, organic mixed greens salad, & water

A cute girl who now likes salad!*

*No, we didn’t force our girls to participate in this with us! They have had regular food this week (which was hard b/c I wanted to take bites of it). Kam actually asks for salad now! “Momma, just the green ones with dressin.”

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  1. Whoa, ya’ll are amazing. I would have definitely fainted from hunger after 3 days. Would incorporating 1-2 handfuls/per day of raw nuts be bad while you do your 3 day diet? I was thinking that if you had some nuts it would help keep you fuller longer because they have a good protein content and healthy fats in them. I was telling Justin about what ya’ll were doing and we might incorporate something like this into our meal planning for next month. It really is a great idea!! Glad you survived! :)

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