My Silver Telly Award.

Back about a handful of years ago, I was blessed to be able to participate in a local startup show called Story Tellers & Music Makers. This show highlighted West Texas musicians and how they became who they are and aired on PBS. I was the audio engineer on this project and handled both the recording and post production work. Good times. Anyway, the show actually won an award! A Silver Telly award which is the highest level in the Telly line.

Well, I never was able to get the award because you actually have to pay for them and had a tuff time justifying the cost! Fast forward to last week and I was surprised with a box on my porch. Inside was my Telly award. Yay! My name on it and all. Thanks to my dad and his sneaky scheming he was able to arrange the paperwork, money and jump through other hoops to make it a resident in my studio. What a great gift. Thanks Dad! And my heavy little shiney trophy is evidence that I have actually worked on something that someone likes!

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  1. That is so cool! Funny what our Dads will do for their children – no matter what their age is or what our age is. They love us and care about us always.

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