Some recent faves.

A while back, I posted about a few of my faves. Time for round #2!

1. Life is Good Snuggle Socks. Soft, warm, thick & cozy. My Aunt Debbie bought these for me at the Life is Good store in Boston and I heart them. I have pretty much worn them every night for the last two weeks. So comfy!

2. Keurig Coffee Machine. A friend of ours has a business where he provides companies with a commercial version of this machine and then supplies their coffee pods to them on a regular basis. Clever huh? He has asked us to help him with some marketing ideas and ways to make more sales and in return bought us a machine so we could try out all the coffee…bonus! It has been awesome to have a fresh, hot cup of coffee on these cool Fall days whenever we want without having to brew a whole pot. Plus, the coffee is really, very good!

3. Chocolate Milk. I’ve always read that drinking chocolate milk post-run helps aid the body in muscle recovery. So, a couple of months ago we decided to give this a try after our long runs. Do you know how good a tall, cold glass of chocolatey goodness taste after running? Surprisingly, its awesome and has honestly helped me a ton. I used to have stomach issues after running anything past 8 miles (I will spare you the details). But since I’ve started downing some good ole creamy chocolate milk…no more tummy probs! Now, I crave it near the end of a run. I’ve officially added it to the list of my running “must-haves.”

4. Andy’s Pumpkin Pie Concrete. Imagine some delicious vanilla custard. Now picture a whole piece of tasty pumpkin pie. Ok, are you ready for this? Imagine someone putting the piece of pie, yes the whole piece, into the custard and mixing it up and handing it to you with a spoon and a smile. That’s the way Andy’s does it and oh my word. Its ridiculous. And sadly seasonal, so we plan to go there often over the next few weeks!

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