Marathon Elevation Comparison Chart.

As you may have heard (correctly), Traci and I are considering our first FULL marathon late winter/early spring. The one that comes to the forefront with the timing of the year and location is the Austin Marathon in February. Houston is super flat and perfect for first timers but is already sold out for this year.

The main gripe about this one is the elevation. IT’S HILLY! I needed to do some comparisons with courses that we were either familiar with (the 1/2’s that is) and other Texas or famous marathon courses, so I graphed them in Illustrator. I figured someone else out there in the running world might appreciate them one as well. These elevations are approximate according to the information provided 10/10. If you are interested in me adding any other specific routes to this, leave a comment and let me know. Enjoy.

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  1. SO – It looks like the Houston Marathon is run on a high school track. We are considering the Austin 1/2 marathon, so close to home and all. That decision will come after the San Antonio on the 14th. We’ll let you know – It would be great to see you!

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