Ryan’s Early Morning Run Essentials.

Ozarka Water Bottle: Tasty hydration. Easy grip water bottle design is a must for any distance over 4 miles. I like the disposable aspect though a bit frowned upon these days.

Mini-Mag Flash Light: It’s dark in the Fall, especially before 6am and in the tree covered South Tyler Trails. Useful for avoiding the bountiful carcasses of squished squirrels.

Garmin GPS Watch: Best training tool for runners. Instant stats such as pace, distance, time of day, etc.

Red Blinky Light: Gives me a sense of safety when running in the dark. This thing is bright and drivers know there’s something coming.

iPod Shuffle: The best iPod design for running. Clip it and forget it. Perfect companion for long lonely runs. I typically rock podcasts from Chandler or Carter. Cheap earbuds only as these things get nasty and are easier to replace in the $10 category.

What are your must haves?

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