Birth-week 2010.

I try to get as much out of my birthday week or “birth-week” as possible. This year was no exception. Last year, Traci and I took a weekend trip to Broken Bow OK to camp at Beavers Bend Sate Park. It was awesome. As we left the site last year we determined that we would be back this year as well, setting it as a new annual tradition.

Early this Spring we found some cheap flights on Southwest Airlines’ site. I was able to easily convince my brother Ross to come down for this round of camping. We immediately booked the flights, marked the days off at work and began to plan and get excited. Fortunately that time passed quickly and October the 13th was upon us.

Wednesday: we headed out to Dallas to fix my iphone, eat Chuy’s and pickup Ross from the Airport.

Thursday: ran at OUR trails, toured Tyler, had coffee at Down Town Coffee Lounge, played Wii, cooked pizza for dinner and chilled.

Friday: more of the same, packed for camping and dinner at Villa Montez.

Saturday:  headed up to Quitman to deliver our precious babies to Grandma then continued North 2.5 hours to our camping destination. We setup camp, floated the river, and cooked fajitas. Perfect.

Sunday: we packed up, hiked, then headed back for a bomb chick fried steak and chocolate cake at Grandma’s then home. Unfortunately the day ended with a Redskins loss but none-the-less a great day.

Monday: we woke with 2 mini-visitors wanting to climb into our bed, blankets it hand. We once again got a few miles in at the trails, ate some Stanley’s for lunch, then headed back to Dallas for Ross to fly back home to Minnesota.

5 consecutive days off will spoil anyone and render the returning day semi-useless. Ha! So thankful for a great birth-week celebration and the opportunity to spend it with a few of my favorite people in the world.

Check out more pics on Traci’s post.

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  1. Hey there favorite Number 1 Son,

    (Ross is my favorite Number 2 Son – and Ross says 2 is twice as good as 1… Had to put in the disclaimer.)

    I remember your birth week so well. First, you tried to back into the world — can anyone say emergency C-section?

    Next, you and Mom spent the next 3 days in Good Shepherd Hospital, Longview, TX. I would come an visit every evening and the 3 of us would be in the hospital bed together. Of course it was a great time to watch TV. There were football games on that weekend and playoffs in baseball. I not only explained the various games and rules to you, I also told you which team WE were rooting for. You clapped your hands (with a little assistance) when our team was doing good.

    When you and Mom made it home, I was the one who got up with you at night. (I am still a light sleeper to this day). I remember it was about 3 days and nights at home. You had been changed and fed. I was rocking you early that morning, but you did not want to go back to sleep. So I share the GOSPEL with you and told you how important it was to receive Jesus as your personal Savior. I also told you that I would be praying for that very special day in your life.

    You know how I can go on and on with little details but that is my thumbnail sketch of your first birthday week.

    I truly LOVED being a DAD to you (and Ross).

    Still Love You (and Ross)

    Dad Dixon

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