Beavers Bend 2010

We had a great camping trip! Ryan, Ross and I headed to Beavers Bend, Oklahoma yesterday morning. We enjoyed canoeing down the river, cooking on the campfire, hiking some trails and I’m fairly certain we ate our weight in tortillas. Tort Fest 2010 baby! Very fun and very relaxing. We love going out into nature, away from everything else, and just taking a deep breath…it’s good for your soul.

Pardon my laziness, but I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking for me on this post…

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    1. hehehe. ;) its actually an einstein’s cup! but only bc we had some of those cups at our house from an event at ryan’s school. so we took them to use (and throw away) for our campfire coffee! we aren’t cheaters, i promise! :)

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