Happy birthday Ryan!

Happy birthday to my best friend, the love of my life! The one who makes me laugh harder than anyone and is there for me through everything, good and bad. The one who holds me tight when I’m sad and lets me cry into his chest. The one who slows down his pace two minutes per mile just to run with me. The one who makes me smile every time he walks into the room. The one who my children adoringly call Daddy. The one who is an amazing cook and plans awesome menus for us each week. The one who goes above and beyond in all he does. The one whose kiss still makes my heart flutter. The one who isn’t scared to go against the grain. The one who holds me accountable. The one who has big dreams.┬áThe one I feel blessed to walk through this life with…

I LOVE YOU RYAN MARC DIXON!!! Happy birthday my love.

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