The moment I saw this statue at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, I hated it. Do you really think this depicts Christ? I figured I’d share my disgust with you. Thoughts?

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  1. I have learned through the years that art is very subjective. I did appreciate your various pics of the work. However, your title of WEAK? is a good summary of this piece.

    The cross is almost too weak to hold Jesus up. Jesus is depicted as someone who is weak – just skin and bones. I think it makes Him look like a victim too.

    Just my thoughts.

    Love Dad Dixon

    1. thanks dad. yeah this one caught struck a nerve immediately. i can understand that He is not happy in those moments but i am certain that He was not weak and in self pity like this portrays. thanks for the comments.

  2. I agree….there is a church in Levelland that put up a giant statue of Jesus on the cross when I was in highschool. It made me so sad because I felt that they were focusing on his death, which is VERY important, but they weren’t putting any importance at all on the fact that He is ALIVE! Our God is a living God. Not weak, not defeated, not dead.He died for us, took our place as no one else could. But most importantly he is living and breathing and speaking and walking and teaching still today.

    1. agreed. i forgot about that statue. i despised it too! on one hand the 100% humanity of Christ is a great thing to be reminded of. on the other, the 100% God can never be classified as weak and fragile.

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