A Proud Big Bro.

I love being a big brother.

When my little brother Ross was a toddler, he developed an infection in his hip that started off in his ear. Kamryn recently had beginning stages of this that we caught before it got worse. Anyways, Ross’ infection required surgery in order to remove the gunk which seemed to be a pretty big task 20+ years ago. I remember that he was in either the newspaper or TV news. After the procedure, it seemed as though he would randomly fall often as his muscles and whatnot began to heal.

Years later when he ran, it made me nervous. Nervous because him running often ended in a scrapped knee or elbow as he would still fall from time to time. I really don’t know this was due to the infection/surgery or just being a kid leaning to run, but I remember catching myself in lookout and nervous mode when that dude ran.

Fortunately everything turned out fine. Actually, that boy is crazy into biking, climbing, running, swimming, softball, soccer, snowboarding and most likely 8 or 9 other sports these days. We have had the opportunity to run together in 2 San Fran half marathons. This pic was from 2008.

Recently he participated in a mini-triathalon up in his region of Minnesota. Below is a pic of the 3 sports. He has done such a great job training and being dedicated to making this goal achievable. I am a proud big brother. I am so thankful for him and his drive.

It is interesting, now that we are older, how I still get nervous when he runs. Not physically so much but emotionally and spiritually as he continues to run life’s journey. I guess that’s love and common big-bro mentality?┬áThere are so many obstacles; so many tempting detours that we all face. Fortunately we are not alone.

I am proud and so thankful that we have a great relationship even today. I am also thankful that he still loves me even though I practiced WWF wrestling moves as he was my wrestling buddy for years and endured countless matches of torture.

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