What's God Up To?

If I built a spreadsheet and noted every detail of each overwhelming trial the past few years of my life and then in the next column followed up each crazy struggle with the specific way that God came through and did something great (as only He could), you would be amazed. [Maybe I should… might be a great book!… or EXCEL workbook.] The most powerful lesson that we have learned is to ALWAYS TRUST OUR CREATOR. He knows every detail of our life beginning to end. Think about that. Like really think about it. I truly believe that He is always working to refine and strengthen me and for that I am humbly grateful.

With the recent tragedy of Traci’s dad, both Traci and I have felt a deep motivation for living a life with eternal significance. Recently, Traci received news from her job that she would be making about a 1/3 less due to “hard financial times for the company” which begins a new set of questioning. I have finally began to really soak in the brutal reality that this world is truly broken. I have also been contemplating the question “What’s God up too?”.

When I look around I see lots of specific struggles with friends and family. Seriously tuff stuff. However, it does seem that we have really been hit hard on all sides for a few years now. Is it just me? Am I delusional? Is my observation selfish? I really don’t know the answer to these. Really, I don’t know. In my spreadsheet equation of the struggles + God’s provision = ALWAYS TRUST OUR CREATOR, I have learned not to stress and therefore I will not this time either. However; with this reoccurring theme in our life I do question “What’s God up too?”.

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