Tuesday's 10 miles.

I am beginning to despise long runs on the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are really the only days that we have the possibility to “sleep in”. If we do sleep in, it’s too hot this time of year to want to run more that 3 miles. With 3 half-marathons coming up, not doing long runs is NOT AN OPTION. This week I determined to do my weekend run on a weekday.

In order to make it to work on time I had to be laced up and walking out of our front door at 5:30. That early these days is darker than dark but it had to be done. I woke up several times in anticipation for the projected 10 miles as I really didn’t want to miss the opportunity to burn 1200 calories and get it out of the way!

Out of bed. Contacts in, teeth brushed. Dressed in the dark. iPod, check. ¬†Garmin watch, check. Tenth of a mile walk to wakeup and stretch. Press start on my watch. Press play on the iPod and I’m off. One step at a time. A Matt Carter message and about 3/4 of Jeremy Camp’s Speaker Louder Than Before album. About 1.5 hours later I am more sore, more thirsty, more spiritually minded and back at my starting point.

Very enjoyable and challenging run. No personal records (PR) on this run but a great one for sure. It has been a while. Here is a snapshot from the run as displayed by my Garmin watch’s training software. I plan on making this a semi-permanent to permanent change. Yay!

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