My husband rocks.

And here are some reasons from this week…

  • He loves me when I get a big new account at work. But more importantly, loves me when the big new account falls through.
  • He cooks amazing buffalo wings and french fries comparable to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I’m certain healthier.
  • He challenges me to push myself in running. I couldn’t do it without coaching me…or telling to me to get my butt outta bed.
  • He loves to treat the girls to cookies at the bakery, a surprise trip to the park, or anything that will make them smile. I love this.
  • When I have plans with my friends that don’t include him, he misses me. It’s adorable.
  • He is a good friend to his friends. True, honest, real, genuine. That’s an admirable and rare thing.
  • He has a huge desire for his life to matter, to make an impact, to be a disciple of Christ. Much like another man I knew and loved…my Dad.
  • He never leaves the house without hugging and kissing me. He never enters the house without hugging and kissing me either.

2 Replies to “My husband rocks.”

  1. you are too cute! I have the long sleeve version of that shirt but I’m thinking I’d probably get a lot more use out of it if it was short sleeved like yours! It’s awesome that you can still be so much in love with your husband in this day and age when people treat marriage like it’s a ball and chain and they’d rather just shack up with a partner. I just think it’s great to share with others you can have a happy marriage and adore your husband!

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