Some Friday updates for you.

*Kamryn is nearly potty trained! She does pretty well all day wearing big girl panties. Still working on the evening hours, but we are getting there. Totally helps that the school she goes to focuses on this in her current class! Also, she had her well-check at the doc recently and is a healthy, growing girl…in the 90% percentile on height and weight. Gonna be tall like Ryan, no doubt! The pic above is her at the doctor’s office…she used to be A LOT smaller on that table. Such a sweethearted, sensitive child…she melts our hearts.

*Addi’s coloring skills are getting to be SO good! She is really starting to stay within the lines more and becoming quite the artist. She starts preschool in a couple of weeks (tear). Which means she’ll start Kindergarten next year…what?! She is such a unique child – incredibly smart, a perfectionist, and always thinking. She definitely keeps us all in line! I can’t believe both my babies are growing up so fast!

*I’m going to the “Girls Night In” Conference at our church this evening and am pumped about it. Hoping to really absorb a lot and and maybe experience a sense of peace during this chaotic time. To be honest, over past several weeks…well since June 4th really, I haven’t prayed much and I haven’t read my Bible (so yes, my “read the Bible in one year plan” is slacking). I don’t feel angry at God nor do I feel distant from God…I just feel like during this period of grief, I am simply sitting in his lap while I hurt. Like a child does after they get a boo boo. And I’m fairly certain God is OK with that.

*Running has been H-A-R-D lately. This heat mixed with this humidity is killer. Definitely starting to yearn for Fall temps. But I will say, even though its not the most enjoyable thing right now, we are doing it. Ryan and I alternate days and get ‘er done. We are officially training now…speed work, long runs on the weekends, tempo runs, the works. We have a goal to run 3 half marathons this Fall – one in October, one in November, and one in December. That counts as a full, right?

*Our cruise is in 18 weeks and counting…

*Ryan and I are seriously pondering about some ministry ideas & opportunities. We feel like God is stirring in us in some specific areas. We have a huge desire to be “difference makers” (as my Dad would say) here in Tyler, a city that we are really growing to love more and more.

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