FREE Studio Time!

Yes. I feel led to give 4 hours (3 hours of recording and 1 hour of edit and mix) of studio time for a Tyler area musician or small band. This is typically enough time to record 1 to 2 well rehearsed songs for a solo artist or acoustic duo/trio.┬áThe only stipulation is no grandma of a cousin of a guy who plays in a band kind of thing; actual musician or group please. Leave a comment explaining why you want to record and I’ll be in touch. Please post here at All submissions must be received by Friday 16th.┬áThe time will be awarded to 1 participant determined by my lovely assistant. No strings attached. Peace.

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  1. I will start by saying that free studio time is a generous gift. It also is an example that whether your gift is producing, recording, performing or marketing…it boils down to this a common thread in all of our souls. Mental Custody would be honored if selected to have you capture our music. Due to setbacks and conflicting schedules studio recording has been the holy Grail we’ve searched for. I would invite you to listen to Shiny Metal Things which is a crowd favorite but a testament of love between a father and a son challenged with autism. If we only were given one song to record to define the heart of this band, shiny metal things would be it. nothing in life is free. someone pays but sometimes the end product was well worth the time money and artistic investment. I hope to be among the bands u select.

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