Beautiful One, I Love You.

Last night, we were at some friends’ house for the 4th and this conversation came up…”What do you guys do as parents to introduce your kids to the gospel?” Great question! It really made me think – what do we do?

Ryan & I shared that we try to read stories out of their Children’s Bible at night before bed. We pray with them often and bring Jesus into our conversations whenever possible…especially in those very trying & patience-building teaching moments. Also, we sometimes listen to worship music in the car when we are out and about. Either that or Micky Mouse Clubhouse or Owl City – their other faves. Lately, the girls’ have loved listening to Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp and Glory to God Forever by Fee – both awesome songs. It fills my heart with joy to hear their sweet little voices singing…especially when its a song to the Lord. Even when they don’t get the words right and are off key – its beautiful.

After some conversation, we determined that really…the hugest and most impactful way you can introduce them to the gospel is with your own life. Its not all about what you tell your kids, its about what you ARE in front of them. Challenging for sure. Something I need to work on daily & remind myself often…and honestly fail at frequently. Teaching my kids to live a life of worship and devotion to their creator can be done most successfully when I live a life of worship and devotion to my creator.

God has entrusted me & Ryan with these two little cuties and we certainly want to do whatever we can as their parents to assist them along their spiritual journey. We can’t wait to see how God uses each of their lives in great ways!

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  1. Sweet Traci…… are so gifted sharing your thoughts and expressing your feelings. No doubt where you got that gift. Me and so many others can relate to what you are experiencing. It seems that Webster’s definition of grieve, “to cause sorrow”, is so inadequate. How can any one person define grieve? There is just nothing simple about it. Steve and I went to Taco Villa Sunday night. As we drove through the parking lot I shared with him about taking Lathe to school the first day of 6th grade. I had buried my mother a few days earlier. I knew I need to eat so I stop there to grab something. I just absolutely fell apart….it was as if grieve overwhelmed me and all I could do is sob uncontrollably. So glad I went thru the drive up window and not inside~ Those times do come…sometimes out of nowhere…. a memory, a smell, a season…strange what triggers our emotions. We are praying for you and your family as work through your grieve and “adapt” to life without your daddy, while at the same time holding on tight to God’s promises and assurance of eternity with Christ and all those that we love who died in Christ. August is a hard month for us. This August, my Daddy will have been gone 20 years, my momma 8 years, our baby girl 16 years and my brother 10 years. Don’t know what it is about those anniversary dates but it’s tough. We do have the hope and promise of “reconnecting” with them. I know you know that but just wanted to say it out loud! We cherish the years we had with your dad and family at LRBC. We long to have a chruch home and church experience like that again. Precious memories and we are so thankful for that season in our lifes. Keep your memories alive with your sweet girls. Lathe never knew my dad but I have purposed in my heart to make my dad real to Lathe. I think I have done a good job…it’s really amazing to hear him talk about his “memories” of my dad by what I have shared with him. I have no doubt he will know my daddy when he sees him in glory!! We love you and your sweet family so much and continue to life you all up to the throne of Grace. Much love, Tammie Grant

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