Cookies burned per mile.

I have been back in my running routine for a few months now. Its great when waking up earlier than the sun becomes a habit again. Recently I have been challenged (by myself) to step it up. Distance is great, but even my usual 6.25 mile route has been too comfortable. For whatever reason, I feel lame coming back from a run not dripping of sweat. Maybe its a misconception maybe not, but I equate sweat to a valuable workout and how many cookies burned.

It’s easier for me to reference the foods that I love to miles I must run to burn those foods. I am a sucker for sweets! Cookies, yum… Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, yum… cake, yum. I rarely have Dr. Pepper and Cokes anymore and I only have my mom-in-law’s bomb sweet tea on Sundays. Some people think calories (typically 110 calories per mile depending on heart rate, sex, weight), I think food and beer.


  • 1 bottle of Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat… 2 miles!
  • 3 of the Dixon famous chocolate cakies… 2 miles!
  • 1 can of ┬áDP… 2 miles!
  • 2 chunks of momma Clark’s sopapilla cheese cake… 4 miles! etc.

Anyways, I have determined that the speed needs to increase because I LOVE TO EAT. Does anyone else think like this?

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