Dixon Van Back in Action!

yes i was chubbier then

When Kamryn was born we quickly decided that we needed a vehicle with a 3rd row for transporting our little family and a couple friends as well. (Yes I was chubbier then) Traci and I bought a used Honda Odyssey with the intention of driving it till it was no longer drivable. Little did we know, the 2002 Honda Odyssey line was notorious for having major transmission issues and became “no longer drivable this Spring! We have had issues with it slipping on occasion for about a year but kept putting off doing anything about it due to the repair bill being around 3 grand to rebuild it.

Well, it got bad. Scary and unsafe. It sat in our driveway for 2 months till we secured a loan to rebuild the tranny. We ended up having to refinance the van adding the $2500 repair cost to what we still owed on the previous loan. Today we picked up the repaired van with a renewed sense of owner’s pride. Not fancy at all but once again, a provision that we are thankful for. We have plans for cleaning it this weekend and maybe even rolling the windows down and cruising through the neighborhood blaring some old school Snoop.

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