Mommy's Day

A great mommy is a great treasure. I have been blessed with a great mother who has set a high standard of which I sought out in a wife.¬†When I began to look at Traci as “girlfriend material” (about 10 years ago!), one of the many qualities that led me to ask her to be my woman was that I saw gentle and compassionate mother characteristics in her. I knew I wanted my future children to grow up around that type of mother. She has fulfilled and far surpassed that initial perception.

I am very proud of my decision for my baby girl’s mommy. Often I ask them, “Did I pick a good mommy for you?” to which they unanimously reply “Yeah!”. I am so thankful for the love she shows to our precious girls. Traci is gentle, kind, patient, joyful, peaceful, self controlled and all around awesome. I love my mommy and the mommy of my beautiful girls. Happy Mommy’s Day!

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  1. That is just precious!!! Traci didn’t do so bad picking out the girls daddy either! So proud of the job you both do with them. Love you all so much.

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