I feel human again!

Wow, last week was rough. Seems like a blur. I was sick ¬†from Saturday until Friday. Stayed home from work for about 3 days. It was awful. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been that sick…or at least not for many years. I didn’t eat hardly anything all week, losing about 7 pounds. I felt weak and my back was hurt from all the coughing. I went through boxes of tissue, bottles of Nyquil, and lots of Sprite. It was miserable! Gosh, I am so thankful for my loving husband who basically took care of EVERYTHING last week. I sure missed the “norm” of playing with my girls and kissing all over their faces. I hated missing out on life while I was cooped on on the couch for 6 days! I finally started feeling better late last week, but didn’t really feel back to human until, well today really. Thank you Lord!!! Health is such a blessing.

And I’m sure glad I felt good today because we had plans for a while now to go to a Texas Ranger’s game with my family. It was a lot of fun. We all went last year too. Its become an annual deal now and Addi & Kam LOVE it. From getting the tickets, to ice cream & cotton candy, to seeing the “dots” on the field (big colorful Ozarka circles that run around crazy on the field ¬†– not really sure the point of this) – they have a blast! We always enjoy hanging with the fam and spending time outdoors.

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