Too much?

Is anyone else this paranoid about taking their kids to public potties?*

*Disclaimer…this was a park restroom. You know, the kind without hand soap or lights.

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  1. LOL! i love it!! My mom used to do the same thing when I was a kid…in airports, malls, restaurants, ect. And no, you are not paranoid. When I worked as the infection control nurse at the hospital in Quitman for 3 months I got to go through all of the lab reports from the hospital & ER… and let me just say, there are tons of people walking around with some NASTY germs! So I say go ahead and wrap that toilet seat up, you never know who sat on it with their bare bum just minutes before!

  2. YES, I too am that paranoid! I took a ton of the paper toilet seat covers from a bathroom a while back and have them neatly folded in my purse, along with antibacterial wipes! UGH, I personally do NOT use public restrooms unless it’s a have to situation, but have a girl who loves to inspect every single bathroom! I am pretty sure I hear snickers from the other bathrooms every single time I tell Brooke “don’t touch ANYTHING!”

  3. That’s too funny! I don’t have to worry about the boys sitting on the potty just to go potty, but Nathan LOVES to touch the potty seat. That’s always fun in one of those restrooms!

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