Singing in the Pain in my neck!

I’m beat. This week and last I am running audio for a Singing in the Rain musical at school. Rehearsals began last Monday (15th) and the final of the four performances will be this Saturday (27th) evening. This is a side project for me which is great because we always need extra income to balance our budget. I am super thankful for the provision but am physically and emotionally drained, and it’s not over yet! Each tech rehearsal begins at 6 and usually lasts till 10:30-11pm (last night was 11:30) each and EVERY evening. No breaks, no weekends off and this is on top of my normal weekday 8-5. Geech!

I am a wuss for sure. I’m usually in bed by 10:30 every evening so being out past then just isn’t good for me. Being out that late in in a social environment is not a great thing for me because I turn into a pumpkin; cloudy and  babbely especially when trying to talk tech. Running audio for this has been a cool challenge as this is the first “musical” that I have engineered. 15 wireless headsets, countryman B3s taped to each actors face, 20 speaking actors, and 3 hours of script following scene changes has been fun to process. I’m so thankful for digital consoles with recall! We rock the Yamaha M7 up here at TJC.

Even more taxing on me is the distance from my family. I really miss them. We are in close proximity (1mile) from each other but it’s not enough. Each evening I shove dinner down my face then rush out for a night without hearing sweet giggles and participating in bath times, bed jumping, singing and prayers before bed that I have grown so in love with in our family routine. Traci and I text often each evening with short snippets of conversation. Updates, ETAs, etc.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would say that we are like a 10 on how close our little family is with each other. It amazes me that so many people seem unaffected by being away from their families for extended periods of time. I have an amazing family! All I want to do is spend time with each of them, and it hurts when I cannot. I actually yearn for having lunch with my beautiful wife daily. Seriously. Is this normal? Do other husbands feel this way or am I just a weirdo? Maybe it’s like this for me because I consider Traci as my best friend? Maybe it’s the connections we have with each other? I don’t know really. However, I do know that I love that I crave the presence on the other 3/4 of my fam. I crave doing even silly things or what most might consider monotonous or mundane. I love my family and am so ready for this Saturday to be over so I can get back to them.

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  1. Ryan, Traci is so blessed to have a husband like you.
    It would be nice if every husband felt the same way as you. Keep it up cause you have a great family!

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