A great weekend.

I am blessed with a super cool wife. Thursday evening while I was mixing at my studio, Traci was at was at home planning a night away for us. When I got home she told me that on Saturday, we were going to drop the girls off  with her mom and dad and head to Shreveport for a night away. She is great a coming up with cool things like this and arranging all the details. Jen was generous enough to hook us up with a super nice hotel room and “Gandma and Poppy” were more than willing to let the girlies spend the evening with them.

From Quitman It took about 2 hours to get the Shreveport LA, home of the “boats”. Riverboat casinos that is. We checked in, went across the river, walked around at the super cool boardwalk, ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse, played 20 minutes and 10 bucks of penny slots, enjoyed some Cold Stone Creamery Coffee with Heath bar, and was in bed by 10pm. It’s sad. We are such party poopers. We were away from all responsibility. No kids. No early morning appointments. Staying in a place known for late nights and crazy people. Bed by 10? Well, we like the quiet I guess.

We woke up Sunday, ran a few miles on the dreadmill, ate breakfast at the Hilton, and headed home around 9:30 to spend the day chillin with Add and Kam, watch the great games of the day, and eat 10hr slow cooked pork butt sandwiches. Awesome! Today, back to work. Ugh!

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