I did, and I do, and I'll always love you.

January 4th is a special day in our household! On this day in 2003, Ryan & I were married. Today marks our 7 year anniversary…7 years!!! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. And let me tell you, being married to your best friend is the most fun! I love this man more & more with every year that passes.

The night that Ryan proposed, he had written & recorded the most precious poem for me. I adored it so much, we played it at our wedding right before I walked down the aisle! Reading it still makes me smile and brings tears of joy to my eyes…it means so much to me. Beautiful words…words that have an even deeper meaning now. I love you Ryan Marc Dixon!

“when i think about the days we have spent together,
i think about the ways my life has been better.
through the struggles and the hardships we became stronger from,
respect for you i found, all the times you did not run.
through the daily grind when my own smiles i sought,
your upclose smile and puckered lips fill my thoughts.
your ever sweet heart yields to all others,
when mine needs attention, your love always covers.
God supplies all our needs, not always what we want, is so true
but He’s given me both, when he gave me you.
a strong foundation, a rock in times of disgust,
when all others fail, in you i can trust.
through the good and the bad, the thick and the thin,
with you by my side, our team will always win.
they say there’s two types, with brains or good looks,
i got the best of both worlds, and still you can cook.
you fill my heart with joy, and my mind with peace,
cause i know that you love me, and will not soon cease.
when i need your help, both hands you lend,
my helper, my girlfriend, and my true best friend.
the past and the present we see with our eyes,
the future we see with the faith in our lives.
the good times have been, the good times come today,
the good times will be, if we work to make them stay.
viewing life in God’s focus makes it easier to see,
that the woman of my dreams has become reality.
me and you, a team. ryan dixon and traci clark,
better together than ever apart.
its the theme of my heart and i know that its true,
i did, and i do, and i’ll always love you.”

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  1. Congrats you guys! You are so right about it being amazing and easy when you marry your best friend. You’ll be seeing a post from me soon….Steven and I will be celebrating our 10th January 15th….time DOES fly!

  2. Happy Anniversary Ryan and Traci,

    The two of you are such and inspiration for everyone. May you both have many more wonderful years together.

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