Days off are stellar.

Wake up around 8:30 to “Mommy! Daddy!” Roll out of bed & go get two cute little pink punkins out of their room and put in them back in bed with us. Cuddle for a few minutes all nice and cozy as a family. Stroll into the kitchen and make breakfast, turn on Noggin, and make a latte. Slowly get the girls ready for school, no rush. Drop them off by 9 or 9:30, then head to the trails to run. Run 5 miles with my hot husband. Take our time after the run, walking & stretcing – again, no rush. Stop by Einstein’s on our way home – go inside, not drive thru. Enjoy a toasted honey wheat bagel with blueberry schmear and a hot cup of coffee. Home to shower and get dressed for the day…yes, now its nearly noon. Shopping and Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, then more shopping. Time for another latte at the house. Then, go pick up our adorable smiley kids at school early for more family time. Wow, I could get used to this! This is just an example of one day from our awesome week off….LOVE IT.

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