So much for plans

I have been looking forward to last Friday for months now. One of the best parts of working in higher ed is all the paid time off. Last Friday at noon was the beginning of my 16 consecutive days of Christmas break! My plans entailed running, PS3 and wii for the first few childless days till the family Christmas events. You know, time to myself in lala land. Well. Kamryn was sick on Saturday. I worked at Allaso Ranch on Sunday. Monday morning I got the girls ready for school as usual and Addi barfed. So, I took Kam to school and babied Addi (and mommy) all day and night.

Tuesday, a fresh day. All the things I wanted to do Monday will just be added to the fun of Tuesday! Not exactly. Addi still looked a bit weak and pale from yesterdays festivities and she said she was still “a little bit sick” so I let her stay home. Traci took Kam to school. I figured I might still be able to do a few things I wanted to do. I packed Addi in the car to make a trip to Target to get a few items and I got a call from Kam’s teacher saying that she had pooed all over her clothes and that I had to come get her. Great! So now both tiny tots are home screaming at each other, banging on drums, and fighting over books. Fantastic! So much for my few days of alone time. Fortunately I love the heck out of these tiny things and love it even when they disrupt my plans. Here is a pic of Addi this morning before our Target trip. She was happy she didn’t have to go to school today.

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  1. hahahaha!!! that is such a typical thing with toddlers!!! you are such a good daddy to my grandkids! I am so proud of you!!! I love you. :)

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