Tuesday Night Wii

One of my favorite past times is playing Nintendo (is there any other) with my little brother Ross. Seriously since I was like 7 or 8 we had a Nintendo (NES) and were playing the primal-pixelated games of the late 80’s. Anyone remember the days of opening the original NES and violently pressing on the cartridge up and down, up and down, and blowing on the exposed circuit board? What about broken N64 controllers due to wearing out the ¬†joysticks while sniping Bond villains? Warming our souls around the radiating glow of Nintendo is and has been a great memory maker for the Dixon fam.

Owning every Nintendo system, obviously we like to game with the Wii. Every Tuesday night around 9:15pm, the 20 year tradition continues. Ross (in Minnesota) and his big “blubber”, me (in Texas), open up our MacBooks, get on iChat and log onto the online Wii network to play together. Be it Tetris, Super Smash Brother Brawl or others like Tiger Woods 10, ¬†we connect for a couple ours of trash talking or cooperative battles. It’s fantastic and in a mysterious theroputic way, very calming and refreshing to get to play with little “Rossy”. Definitely a highlight to the day. Here is a pick of him and me connected in the wonderful wireless world of Wii.

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  1. …and I wouldn’t trade my Wii-nights for anything. Playing games is our pastime and our future just like running and good drinks!

    Love ya bro!!

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