10 Reasons Why I Love to Run

my friend ashley posted this blog the other day about her new venture into the running world. she asked for some reasons of why i love to run and so it got me thinking. why do i run? why do i love it so much? so here goes…this is for you ash!

1. I love food. I love cooking and I love to eat. The Food Network is constantly on at the Dixon casa. Running allows me to eat what I want without blowing up like a blimp. Don’t get me wrong, we try to eat healthy for the most part. But I love pasta and I love chocolate – so running helps me to burn those calories! 10 miles of running usually burns about 1,000 calories.

2. Running is an awesome stress relief. If you haven’t noticed – life is crazy. Running is a good, beneficial addiction that soooo helps my stress-level and makes me an overall happier person. Endorphins baby.

3. I love that Ryan runs and a lot of my family runs…its great to have this hobby to do together! When my sister Jen is home, we usually run together. So much easier to get through a long run when you have some running partners cheering you on! I am so proud of my running buddies and love to see them meet their goals too. Plus, Ryan is a hottie and I enjoy seeing him run (wink).

4. Running is a peaceful time to myself  – it doesn’t matter what I look like, if I have makeup on or not, & my hair is a complete mess – who cares. I just crank up the ipod shuffle and hit the pavement…love that.

5. I enjoy participating in races…such a blast. From local 5k events to the Dallas Turkey Trot 8 miler to the 1/2 marathon in San Fran…its awesome to get together with other runners, usually for a good cause, and run the neat courses in neat places. Its also great to have a race on the calendar – helps to keep me motivated! Just finished the San Fran 1/2 and already have plans to do the Tyler 1/2 in October, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then the White Rock 1/2 in Dallas in December. Plus, races give you a good reason to get out of town for a mini vacation!

6. I love to set a goal and achieve it. I love the feeling that running gives me – such a sense of accomplishment. Its something you have to do by yourself and for yourself. No one can run for you. When I first started running a few years ago, I honestly could not do 1/4 mile. I registered for the Race for the Cure 5k in Lubbock and decided to train & get myself ready. That’s where it all started for me. Then, after I had Kamryn, our second child, we decided to train for a 1/2 marathon. A lot of running is a mental game. You just have to tell yourself – I will run __ miles today & then just do it. Its addicting & I love it! Nothing beats the feeling you have crossing the finish line after 13.1. Maybe I’ll shoot for a full marathon one day? NYC?

7. I love the time running gives me to think. Sometimes I spend the time planning. Sometimes I pray. A lot of times I think of my two beautiful daughters and how I want to live a long healthy life and be the best mom I can be to them for many, many years to come. My dad inspires me in this regard too.

8. Running is a good full body workout. It uses a lot of muscles in your body – not to mention all the cardio! Because of this, it gives me more energy to keep up with our two little girls!

9. It is just down right fun. Its fun to go shopping for running gear – socks, shoes, shorts, etc. Its fun to read Runners World and Kristen Armstrong’s blog. Its fun to put new music on your ipod & check the stats on your Garmin watch. Its fun to run on new trails in new cities. Its just fun.

10. I thoroughly enjoy the places we run. You really can experience a lot of God’s beauty when you take time to notice the beauty of nature all around us. Its amazing. Here are a few of my favorite places to run thus far: The Golden Gate Bridge, Town Lake in Austin, White Rock Lake in Dallas, Mineola Nature Trail, and here lately – the South Tyler Trails.

So there you go. Running is awesome – its not always easy and its not always enjoyable when its 156 degrees outside – but its a great hobby. So Ashley…keep it up! Run on. Love you. :)

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  1. Great post Traci! I love it! I am not a runner personally, but I feel the same way about my daily work outs, goals, etc….You’ve got to find what works for you and I am so happy to read that running does the same for you that my workout routine does for me! Keep up the good work!

  2. I have got to admit that I do love, “eat what I want without blowing up like a blimp.” That is so true for all of us. Mmmm eating all of that breakfast food after the half was so amazing.

    Love ya–

  3. I love you! thanks for the encouragement and the new reasons to run. I think I may just put down the computer and go hit the pavement! NYC 2011? We should put it on the calendar!

  4. i love running because it’s all up to our own will power. team sports are great but you depend on others, sometimes slackers. running is all about self motivation. you have to get out of bed. you have to put on your shoes to walk out the door and begin. you have to tell yourself “you aren’t gonna quit” as you begin transcending the hills. when you push through all of those miserably hot days or “heavy” days and finish you goals, you can be proud of yourself.

    a whole new perspective for the famous phrase, “it’s good for you!”

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