9:15 is the time this morning that we got out of bed!!! with a one year old & a two year old, that is pretty much unheard of around here. they slept until 9:30 this morning! it was awesome. now, we are headed to tyler to do some shopping with jen. ryan starts work on monday, so our schedules are about to get a lot more hectic! here’s to a relaxing weekend. :)

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  1. oohh you lucky girl!! Josiah woke me up at 7:20…ugh! The days that we need to get up that early he always wants to sleep, but the days we don’t he’s wide-eyed as soon as the sun comes up. Oh well!

    Guess what… someone made an offer on our house!! wahoo!! They made a low ball offer and we made a counter offer today and we’re hoping they take it. We have our fingerer crossed!

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