Race Day

Well, I have to say that the San Francisco 1/2 Marathon was everything I hoped for & more…it was SO MUCH FUN.  We had an absolute blast.  The race/course/experience was awesome.  (Thanks Jen, my fav sister, for bringing all of us!)  All five of us exceeded our time goals regardless of the extreme hills we had to endure! We got there a little early this morning and had a great time hanging out by the portapotties.  Jen & I seriously had to go like 3-4 times before the race started.  I think its just knowing that you will be w/out that opportunity for about 2 hours while running does some serious psychological stuff to you! We laughed so much before the race, people probably thought we were nuts. I’m sure Ryan singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” loudly while we waited for our wave to start only added to that assumption that we were crazy!  Hey, we have fun…what can I say? The weather was chilly…low 50’s and windy.  Actually had to wear a long-sleeved running shirt…felt great!  The race itself didn’t seem to last very long at all.  Funny how when we run long runs at home, they take forever…but here it seemed like a snap.  OH, and guess who fell & busted it on the Golden Gate Bridge?  Yes, that would be me, little miss graceful.  For those of you that know me, you know that I’m pretty clutzy.  Not sure how I fell, but I tripped on something.  Probably a grate on the bridge caught my foot just the right way and I smashed into the pavement.  You know it must have been bad considering all the, “OH MY GOSHes” and “WHOA’s!” and other comments from fellow runners a long the way.  The poor guy next to me…I think it scared him to death.  Lovely! But I jumped up, shook it off, and kept going…bloody knees and all! I have a big bump on one knee from this little incident, but nothing major. My garmin watch got a little banged up too…but now I can say there is a little piece of the Golden Gate Bridge on it.  I’m sure if we had a video of it, it would be pretty stinkin hilarious now. Everyone on our team did SO good and I’m so proud of all of them.  It was a tough run, but it felt great.  Knowing that my amazing husband was waiting for me at the finish line always helps to keep me going.  Ryan did awesome today…his pace was 7:50!!! It was also so neat to have my Dad here.  He did such a great job and it made me so proud to see him running in to cross the finish line with a huge smile on his face.

Here are a few pics before & after the race…

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  1. I’m so jealous!! Just reading about your run makes me want to cry!
    I know how hard all of you have worked. I can’t wait to hear everything.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and be safe.

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