San Fran: Day 1

This morning, after dropping off my babies with Grandma (I miss them so much already!), we drove to Dallas & met up with Ross, Ryan’s little brother who flew down from Virginia to meet us. We all got on a plane together & headed out to San Fran! Today has been a lot of fun. Catching up with Ross, laughing our heads off about stupid things, and eating AWESOME pasta. After arriving, we headed straight to the race expo on Embarcadero to pick up our packets, bibs & shirts. Tons of running vendors there. Then, we went to eat a Buca and had an amazing dinner…bruschetta, 2 kinds of pasta dishes, and HUGE chocolate cake. YUMMO. Now we are back at the hotel, just got done sitting in the hot tub to wind down and we shall head to bed early. We have 13.1 miles ahead of us tomorrow! Our race starts early early…have to get up around 4ish. Shouldn’t be too bad considering that is actually 6 Texas time. The first wave of runners (all the extremely fast people) starts at 5:30. How exciting…I’m already so anxious & kind of nervous! Side note: the weather here feels SOOO good. 50’s and 60’s. Awww! Nice break from the 100 degree humidity for sure. Here are a few pics from our first day. Stay tuned for more pics from the big day tomorrow at the race! Nighty night.

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  1. WOW!! San Fran is my favorite city in the US. I’m jealous. You guys need to come down to Austin and do the ATT with me in Feb. I think I’ll be at the Turkey Trot again this year too. Looks like things are going well for you guys. Best of luck tomorrow!!

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