yes, Jesus loves me!

tonight, i was getting addi ready for bed.  she was laying on her bed after i changed her diaper and i asked her, like i do frequently, “who loves you?”  usually she will say, “mama” or “daddy” or “maw-maw” or someone in the family.  and i usually always follow that by saying, “mama loves you this much” as i spread my arms open as wide as they will go and then grab her & hug her tight.  well tonight when i asked,”who loves you?” she responded without any hesitation, “Jesus!” a huge smile came across my face as i responded, “that is right baby!  Jesus loves you so much.”  how stinkin awesome is that???  it was a reminder to me that she is a sponge…soaking up everything she sees & hears.  she’s recently learned the song, Jesus loves me and has been singing it.  it also reminded me of how much Jesus loves ME & everything he has done for me…sometimes when life drags me down, i tend to forget that. addi is an amazing little girl.  i love my sweet babies & the things they teach ME daily.   

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