randomness for the day

-i don’t like squirrels.  they scare me.  they make a freaky noise & i don’t like how they stop suddenly, stare at you and then take off.  freaks me out.

-my girls are so different.  addi has basically had all of her teeth since birth & kam still doesn’t have any & she is almost seven months.

-lunch meat cut too thick is nasty.  

-is too much basil bad for you?  i put it in almost everything i cook these days!

-our san fran trip is less than 3 weeks away…can’t wait!

-why would a lightening strike cause the phone to ring?

-church this past sunday was encouraging…a good reminder that even when you feel as though God is not there…He is there & He is in control & knows what the heck He is doing…and “when all is stripped away” is when all you have to rely on is God & that is a GOOD thing.

-ryan & i are addicted to “next food network star”…we look forward to sundays at 9 & watching this show together….who will be kicked off next???  

-my next recipe i want to try…pesto.

-my run last night…3 miles at 8:29 pace.

-football season is drawing near – WOOHOO!  go redskins.  go tech.

-can’t wait for fall: cooler running weather, camping w/my hubby, monday night football, walks with my girls, enjoying hot coffee on a cool morning!

-wanted to go see coldplay in dallas in november, but tickets are well over $100 already.  bummer!  too much for us.

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  1. DO NOT answer the phone during lightening!

    Traci: Hello?
    Lightening: Hey Traci – ZAP!

    I just read yesterday to stay away from LAN lines during lightening – creepy and I don’t understand it either!

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