proud mommy

ok, i have to brag on my 22 month old.  she amazes us at how smart she is!  granted, we are not around a ton of kids, so we aren’t sure what is “normal” for this age.  but addi seems to be very quick for a little girl that’s not even 2!  she can officially count to TEN – one through ten – perfectly.  she knows how to sing her abc’s.  its not perfect, but the tune is right on!  she knows words that i have no idea how she learned them. two examples, the other day we were watching tv & she yelled out, “wheat!” and i swear, i looked and there was a guy on a tractor in a huge field of wheat!  how the heck does she know what wheat is?  i certainly have never talked about wheat with her.  another example, while i was in new york, ryan was telling addi while putting her to bed that mommy would be home when she wakes up the next morning.  he said she looked at him and said, “traci?”  WHAT???!!!  my daughter called me by my first name.  hopefully she will never call me “traci” to my face…its mommy & mommy only! she is just talking so well & we are proud parents!  she cracks us up daily…we never know what to expect.  this age is definitely very fun!  trying at times, for sure, but much fun.  here’s a pic from our work day at the coffee shop…

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