apple on 5th and serendipity

we had a packed out day today.  here’s what our day entailed…went to work with jen this morning at a school in harlem.  she only had to work until around 11ish & then we had the rest of the day to be tourists. we got our run out of the way first (which was way fun!).  came back to the hotel & showered.  then, we had coffee at some random place…not too bad, but definitely not studio java!  we went to the apple store on 5th avenue….it was HUGE!  very cool…just crowded.  we then went down to greenwich village & ate at this small italian restaurant that has been there since 1912….monte’s trattoria.  we ordered spaghetti & meatballs & pesto penne and split both entrees…it was yummy!  after dinner, we went to the diesel store on union square & bought some jeans.  next we took the subway up to have a frozen hot chocolate at serendipity & some cream cheese cake, which was amazing! now, we are back at the hotel…TIRED and will probably hit the sack early.  getting up early to go run again in central park….have to make the most out of this opportunity!  i’m having a blast w/my sister….but i do miss my family so much!  i love you ryan.  thank you for watching the babies this week…you’re the best hubby.  :)

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