my productive day

every thursday, the girls go out & stay w/my grandmother “memaw” all morning & part of the afternoon. she loves to have them out there and they have a great time with her.  this gives me (1) a day at the coffee shop w/no babies and (2) some time to get stuff done!  today, i feel like i got a lot accomplished at our house.  and now i’m sitting here relaxing for a few minutes before i head out to pick up my babies.  let me just tell you what all i’ve done (hey, i’m excited about my accomplishments, i’m sure all moms will totally feels great to get things done!)….anyways, i made a peanut butter pie for our dinner w/christi & spencer tonight, vacuumed the bedrooms, mopped the tile floors, cleaned our shower, cleaned the sinks, toilets, and mirrors in both bathrooms, took out all the trash, cleaned out our refrigerator, hung a few pictures in kamryn’s room (still in the process of decorating our house), picked up all of the toys, & did the dishes.  yeah for a clean house!!! i also ordered supplies for the coffee shop, went to the bank, and rented fool’s gold for ryan & i’s date night on friday!  whew, crazy morning.  and on top of that, i’m tired & sore from our 7 mile run last night and waking up with kamryn almost every hour last night (she got shots this week).  maybe i should to take a little power nap before i go pick up my two precious angels.  life as a mom/business owner is absolutely craziness!!!  crazy, but fun.  wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

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