a special moment

tonight, i got the girls ready for bed and then we all three got in the rocker.  i was feeding kamryn a bottle and addi sat nestled right beside me.  i was singing them a song (i’m so not a singer – thank goodness they don’t realize it yet!) and they were both falling asleep.  addi looked up at me and smiled & then laid her head on my arm.  she then reached over & held kamryn’s little foot with her little hand.  as i sang along, i choked up and could hardly finish the song.  tears came down my face & i was just so thankful for my two beautiful blessings! sometimes i get so caught up in the craziness of having two babies (taking care of them, chasing them around, cleaning up after them, etc) that i tend to forget that i need to sit back & look at them and realize how awesome they are and how much of a joy they are to ryan & i.  we are blessed!!!  i love my girls & pray that i can be the mother that they deserve!

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  1. That’s what it is all about. I am proud of my “baby girl” for realizing this. Your dad and I are blessed too. I love you.

  2. I feel the same way about my ‘blessing’ and think that you feeling that way is just PART of you being a terrific Mother. Keep up the good work Traci!

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