peaceful mornings

This morning was amazing!  Ryan & I actually had breakfast on our back porch.  The girls were still asleep, so it was quiet in the house…minus the faint sound of the food network on our TV!  Ryan made us some coffee & I made cinnamon rolls.  We love cinnamon rolls, but don’t have them often since they aren’t the healthiest breakfast choice.  But after our long run yesterday (me-10 miles, ryan-13 miles all in 90 degree heat), we felt we deserved it!  It felt awesome outside this morning & the birds were chirping.  As we sat on our deck, the horses came up to our fence in the backyard.  Beautiful & peaceful.  Ryan said, and I agreed, that he wished that moment could last an hour!  Those quiet moments in life don’t come around very often, so we have to soak them up when they do!

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