well, our flights & hotel are officially booked to new york city for the week after next!  going with my sister, jen. 3 nights, 4 days in nyc!  woohoo! we are staying in a hilton directly across the street from rockefeller center.  i can’t wait to run in central park & experience being in nyc again.  its such a unique place.  you really feel as though you are in the center of the world there.  so much happens there and there is so much to see in such a small place.  i’ve been there twice before & loved it both times!  i hope to eat at bobby flay’s restaurant, mesa grill.  and i definitely want a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity.  :)  maybe i will take a book and go lay in the fields at the park & just read for hours while jen works.  i will soooo miss my hub & my girls for those few days though…it will be super hard to leave them.  ryan & i both are babies when it comes to being apart, even for a few short days.  i miss him each day when he’s at work..what can i say, i’m still so in love!  :)  so pray for ryan that week as he will be both mommy & daddy to our girls!  i hope the girls enjoy their special week w/daddy.  if you have any suggestions on things to do or see while in nyc, let me know.  i will definitely post some pics, so stay tuned!  

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