random thoughts for the day…

-french toast made with fresh french bread from the bakery is by the far the best.  

-my dog makes me so mad when she gets in the trash!  ugh.  i mean seriously, she has such a good life…she lays around on nice furniture all day in the cool house & gets petted (not sure if there is a past tense to pet) & gets food & water provided constantly…and yet, she can’t help herself when we leave…the trash is like her obsession.  sicko!  she’s such a good dog…this is her one thing that she does & its like she can’t help herself.  makes me so frustrated & grosses me out!  um, please don’t lick me anymore.

-i LOVE watching movies at the theater.  today ryan, jen & i went to see a movie.  oh yes.  i had popcorn drizzled in butter & a coke…split it w/ryan of course.  enjoyed every bite!  its great to escape the craziness of life for a couple of hours & indulge yourself into fiction while stuffing your face w/yummy treats!  oh, and i finished it up w/some gummy bears.  

-tonight’s 4 mile run was pretty sweet…weather had cooled off, thanks to the rain!  my time was 8:57 pace…not too shabby!  :)  

-i’d like to lose 5 more pounds before san fran…better cut out the french toast & buttery popcorn!  i have a “goal weight” that i’d like to reach before our big race.  i really need to drink more water!

-kamryn is soooo sensitive…if people she doesn’t know talks to her, she cries real tears & her bottom lip comes out & she SCREAMS until she gets her mommy…i hear that’s exactly how i was as a baby…i guess my sweet kam kam is a lot like her momma!

-addi talks SO well for her age.  she speaks in whole sentences & has conversations w/you.  she says hi to everyone at the coffee shop & is so outgoing & sociable.  she’s hilarious & cracks us up!  last night, she asked me to watch “nemo.”  we’ve never watched nemo…not sure how she learned of nemo.  so i put it on…and then she says, “fish! where are you?”  hehehe.  she’s a nut!

-i may have a chance to go to new york city in a couple of weeks w/my sister….trying to figure some things out & see if we can make this happen….HOW STINKIN AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???  i would totally miss my sweet husband & adorable girls….but its a short 4 day, 3 night trip…and it would be free…so we’ll see!  i’d love to run in central park for a few days & eat at serendipity.

-we visited grace community church in lindale (www.gcc.org) this past week & really enjoyed it.  seemed real & relevant…i’ll keep you posted on this….we will visit again i’m sure.  we are searching for a church home here & are praying that we can find a place to get plugged in.

-off to shower & to bed, 5:30 a.m. comes very quickly!  thank goodness i work at a coffee shop & have easy access to espresso.  tomorrow, working the shop & taking addi swimming in her new froggie pool (thanks to my friend vicki for the recommendation! we can’t wait to try it out)  nighty night! 

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